All about the 90’s

Anybody else miss the 90’s as much as I do?  Now that I can (regretfully) say that I’m approaching my mid thirties, I’m experiencing all the nostalgic feels.  So, I wanted to give you guys some ideas on how to style some really cool 90’s inspired pieces this fall and winter!

A couple of things you’ll notice this season (the 3 C’s, if you will): corduroy, cropped sweaters, and camo.  I am all about each of those things right now…and to be totally honest, I never thought I would say that about camo.  Was never really a camo girl until here lately and now I can’t get enough!  These camo pants are authentic military cargo pants and fit TTS!  Under $70 and make such a cool statement.

In case you haven’t noticed, my style lately has been extra casual.  I also love to mix and match casual and dressier pieces.  For example, I will wear a dress or skirt with my Reebok classics or pair a corduroy hoodie with black booties for a casual chic vibe.

What I love about 90’s fashion is that everything seemed a bit more effortless and fun….no rules, just a time where everyone kinda expressed who they were!  90’s grunge is probably my favorite part about this era.

I went ahead and linked a bunch of my favorite 90’s inspired pieces so that you can have some fun with this trend, too!  You’ll also find some dressier, holiday inspired pieces (most things are on major sale). 😉  And remember, there are no rules to this fashion thing!  Have fun with it and wear whatever allows you to express your vibe best.

My job as an influencer is to INSPIRE you guys, not to tell you exactly what to wear (or what not to wear).  Wear whatever makes you feel like the best version of YOU – regardless of what this or that blogger is telling you to buy.  Because individuality is what makes this world interesting.  There are enough carbon copies already to last a lifetime.


Back to the basics

Do you see this happy little face?  This boy has been an old soul since the day he was born.  He’s always preferred using his imagination over screen time…and it was one of those things that we never even had to encourage.  So naturally, when I mentioned to this old little soul of mine that he would be getting his very own record player, he was pretty pumped.

There’s just something about the timeless sound of a vinyl record player that can’t be replaced.  I think Knox already feels that at his young little age which is just so stinkin’ cool and makes me even more proud to be his momma.

Not sure if you were aware, but is KILLING it right now in all departments, including their selection of vinyl bluetooth record players (and records). How cool is this teal green Victrola record player?!  There is a built-in portable suitcase which makes it super convenient to travel with or to just take it from room to room.  It also has three different speeds so that you can adjust the sound accordingly. It’s under $40 and free delivery as always! also offers a wide variety of brand new vinyl records, all at super low prices.  I made sure to snag a few records that brought me back to my high school days…this Foo Fighter album happens to be one of Knox’s faves.

My five year old maaay have gotten his love for nostalgic things from his momma. 😉  After we snagged this record player, I purchased a few brand new vinyl’s from and then hit up an old record store for some oldies to add to our collection.

My suggestion when your kids are going wild?  Start with an affordable record player like this one from and introduce them to some oldies.  I have a feeling they will LOVE getting to lower that needle into the grooves as they listen to the scratchy sound of their favorite vinyl.

Let’s try to slow down a bit and set the tone for this next generation.  Let’s go back to the basics and teach our kids that sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.


*This is a sponsored post; however all opinions are my own.*


Holiday Boy

Since I was a kid, Halloween has hands down been my favorite holiday.  My birthday is in October so I’m sure that’s a big part of it, but it always felt like a fresh start to me.  The weather is better, football games have something nostalgic and comforting about them….even though I don’t like football…October is just an all around special month to me. Knox on the other hand – is obsessed with every single holiday there ever was.  We actually laugh about it and call him “holiday boy” because of how over the top he is!  It’s honestly just the cutest thing ever.

He will count down the days before each holiday and/or birthday, and he has a light in his eyes that takes me back to when I was his age. Back when you really didn’t have a care in the world and the world was in fact magical if you wanted it to be. You can probably relate if you’re over the age of 21. Truth is, as you get older… the world tends to feel less and less magical. So Jeans decided it was time to bring some of that magic back this year.

Doing something fun and “magical” for your kids doesn’t need to break the bank, either. Start by picking one little area in or outside of your house so that you don’t get overwhelmed.  Decorate one little corner and let your kids help decide where each decoration should go.  I promise they will LOVE it.  Knox and I snagged the cutest little Halloween decorations from Walmart this year, and the prices were incredible!  I snagged these “blood” filled tumblers for $2.98 each.

Walmart had such a big selection of decorations including skeletons!  I found the cutest little skeletons and Knox decorated this area on the porch all by himself!  How adorable is this little country scene?  Honestly cracks me up because it’s perfect for our little house in Richardson, Tx.

Knox has been loving skeletons so much that he decided to be a ninja skeleton this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a scary Halloween costume.  But I have to admit that I sorta miss the cuddly animal costumes he used to wear (up until he became too cool for school this year). 😉

The moral of this story?  Our kids can teach us some pretty incredible lessons if we let them. Sometimes I question who is teaching who more. Knox allows me to see the world through his sparkly blue eyes…and it’s without a doubt a much more beautiful (and magical) place to be.

*Special thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this fun little post.*

Victoria Emerson Columbus Day buy one, get one FREE

Okay, you guys.  You KNOW how obsessed I am with my Victoria Emerson wraps and watches….. and right now in honor of Columbus Day, everything is buy one, get one FREE!  What better way to kick off the long weekend than by stocking up on some gorgeous bracelets right before the holidays.

How beautiful is this rose gold and blush wrap bracelet?!  It’s brand new and is the perfect bracelet for all of those chunky fall sweaters.  It’s also got this really pretty rose gold chain detail that I am in love with!  Makes such a statement and would look amazing with practically any bohemian inspired outfit.  If you grab one of these wrap bracelets now, you will only be paying $39 for two of these gems!

I am also DYING over these simple new (limited edition) tila beaded bracelets.  They are so chic and they look amazing whether you’re wearing it with a watch or all by itself!  This one is the Delilah and has gold and purple tila beads.  It can be worn by itself or layered with one of Victoria Emerson’s gorgeous gold watches that you’re always seeing me wear!

When I saw the colors in this single wrap bracelet — the lime green and gold — I pretty much died.  Not only gorgeous and on serious trend, but so versatile!  This bracelet is $34 and again, buy one, get one FREE with any purchase (sitewide).

The black, white and orange tones in this simple single wrap bracelet are SO PERFECT for fall!  I just love this bracelet and feel like it’s the perfect accessory when going casual.  You can also pair this bracelet with one of Victoria Emerson’s stunning watches (again, I wear these watches in the majority of the photos you see me in)!

Make sure to take advantage of this short lived buy one, get one free sale at Victoria Emerson!  The quality is outstanding and the new blush and rose gold tones are KILLER for fall.  I know I’ll be wearing these beaut’s with all of my cozy neutrals this season!




Victoria Emerson Labor Day Sale

Hey guys!  Who else feels like this year is flying by waaaay too fast?  I feel like our summer came and went in the blink of an eye.  Kids are back in school and we’re all just trying to adjust to the whole school routine thing while trying to maintain our sanity.  🙂

You guys probably already know by now that I am a watch fanatic – and that I pretty much own every single Victoria Emerson watch there ever was.  Well in honor of Labor Day, they are making their entire website 40% off!  This includes the watches I am wearing in these photos along with all of their gorgeous wrap bracelets you’ve seen me wear with so many different looks.  If you’re a boho lover, this sale is for you.

I LOVE their gorgeous wrap bracelets and they always have SO many unique styles to choose from.  The quality is amazing and I always get so many compliments every time I wear any of my Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets/watches!

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been wearing this black sunburst on black watch with so many different looks.  I just love how chic the all black is!  This watch is normally $110 and right now it’s under $70.

Victoria Emerson also has some really pretty pendant necklaces including this state necklace for under $20.  Quantities are limited on these necklaces so I would try and snag one while they are 40% off!

Whether you are looking to treat yo self or start your holiday shopping early, now is the time to do it!  I went ahead and linked all of the pieces from this post along with all of my other favorite VE styles.


I hope everyone has a safe and memorable Labor Day Weekend!  🙂



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Walmart Fashion

Happy almost fall, y’all!  I wanted to chat with you guys about all the amazing fall pieces I recently found at Walmart because they are KILLING THE GAME!  To be totally honest, I always knew that I could count on Walmart for  cute and affordable kids gear,  but did not realize that Walmart had things like high rise flares and retro pullovers like the one you see here.

How cute is this “Happy”  sweater?!  I. Am. Obsessed.  It’s so fun and retro, super soft, and I snagged it for $11, you guys.  You just can’t beat that!  Of course I had to pair it with my high rise flares, and you can easily recreate my look with these bad boys linked here.

Let’s first talk about these super cute denim joggers!  I styled them with one of my favorite 70’s inspired tees because I thought it was just so fitting.  My denim joggers are by Sofia Vergara — another brand I have been LOVING at Walmart.  They run a tad large, so make sure to size down with these. I am wearing an xs for reference.

Alright, you guys know darn good and well that I have a thing for high waist flares, and man did I hit the jackpot because Walmart has a bunch of amazing flares and high waisted denim to choose from!  In the photos below, I am wearing THE most amazing high waist trouser flares by Sofia Vergara.  I love the pockets and pintuck detail because you’re easily able to dress them up or down!  Best part?  They are true to size and under $30.

What I also didn’t realize, is that Walmart carries name brands I love!  Take this Levi’s denim jacket for example…it’s so cute and even has this subtle floral embroidery on the sleeves.  This jacket does run a bit small, but is  definitely supposed to be fitted.  I got a size xs and should have gone for the small.  Point is, I can think of a million and one outfits to pair this denim jacket with this fall!

And you have to check out their blouses!  How gorgeous is this high neck ruffle blouse?!  It’s just so classic and the best part is you can wear it with jeans or a pencil skirt depending on the occasion.  Well, second best part.  Cause this top is $20!  It fits true to size and I am wearing a size small for reference.

Whether you are still in the process of buying back to school clothes or just trying to spruce up your own wardrobe this fall, Walmart is the perfect place to go for progressive and affordable fashion.  They also offer free, next day delivery on all online orders!




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Victoria Emerson Summer BOGO

Hey, friends!  Can you believe that Summer is coming to an end here in a few short weeks?!  As ready as I am for fall due to these blazing hot temps here in Dallas, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to sweet summer.  We had the best time with the kids this summer….Knox is heading into Kindergarten and Asher will be in EIGHTH grade!  I just can’t deal with this, you guys.

Before this post takes a super depressing turn, I wanted to brighten your day by letting you know about the Victoria Emerson Summer BOGO sale!  You know I wear these watches and multi-wrap bracelets on the reg, and right now their entire site is buy one get one free.  I guess it’s their sweet way of softening the blow of summer coming to an end!  I’ll take it.

My black marble on rose gold watch is a new favorite of mine – it’s so perfect for any look and will add just the right touch to any t-shirt and jeans combo.  It retails for $80 but is also part of the BOGO summer sale!

As much as I loved our trip to California this summer, Texas is home.  So when I spotted this gold Texas pendant necklace, I had to have it!  So cute worn alone or layered with your other gold pieces.  All 50 states are available, under $30 and also part of the sale.

My black sunburst on black watch is my absolute FAVORITE watch right now.  It’s so classic and the black and on black is just too chic for words!  Needless to say, I will have this watch on serious repeat as it’s a staple that will never go out of style.

Wrap bracelets are such an easy way to look like you’re instantly put together.  How gorgeous is this large crystals on natural multi wrap bracelet?!  Makes such a statement and can be worn with something as simple as a white t shirt.

I linked all of my current faves, per usual!  Make sure you jump on this summer BOGO sale while it lasts!  Happy shopping, ladies!




*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.



Back to school with Burkes

Ahh… back to school.  I can almost hear all of the middle school insults now… ha ha.  But really – the thought of summer ending and school being a week away was one of the most nauseating feelings as a kid, amirite?  Lucky for this guy, Kindergarten is a bit more innocent and he’s looking pretty stinkin’ fly if you ask me!

Burkes has THE most amazing prices on all things back to school…How adorable is this set on Knox?!  It’s such a cute outfit for your little guy’s first day back and the best part?  It was under $10.  Most everything I find at Burkes is $10 and under!  My red and white bodysuit is also from Burkes and it’s the softest thing I’ve ever felt.  Best part?  It was under $4.  I know, I know.  Sounds too good to be true but I can assure you this bodysuit feels amazing!  Burkes not only offers lots of trendy pieces in the juniors department, but believe me when I say there is something for every single person in your family at Burkes Outlet.

This vegan crossbody bag by Steve Madden retails for $58 and I snagged it for just $19.99, you guys!  I will be wearing this purse with everything, year round.  I have found so many amazing staples like this!  After all, momma has to do a little bit of shopping for herself while she’s buying backpacks and no. 2 pencils.

Speaking of backpacks, this camo backpack was just $7.99!  Knox was super excited to have his first “big boy” backpack for Kindergarten!  I honestly can’t believe he’s going to be in school full time….I have been a stay at home working momma all these years so this is very bittersweet for me to say the least!

This exact backpack is sold out, so I went ahead and linked a bunch of cute backpacks, lunch bags and crossbody purses similar to mine (see bottom of post) that you are gonna LOVE!  The prices are seriously phenomenal.

My pink snap front dress was $9.99 and would honestly be a great option for a teacher this fall.  Wear it with white booties and layer with a denim jacket and you’re all set!  Ha, I knew my experience as a remote stylist would come in handy one day.

If you’re a last minute shopper like me and want to save a ton of money on back to school clothes for your kids, do yourself a huge favor and check out Burkes Outlet!  Be mindful of the fact that items do sell out fairly quickly due to their crazy good prices.


Happy shopping!



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Christmas In July with Victoria Emerson

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been OBSESSING over these gorgeous new watches by Victoria Emerson.  This emerald green on gold watch has been on major repeat lately for obvious reasons….how amazing is this color combo?!

Right now, Victoria Emerson is having a big Christmas In July sale, making everything (site wide) either $19.99 or $24.99!  I would highly recommend taking advantage of this sale as it will only run from the 25th through the 29th.  This would be THE perfect time to stock up on all of your favorite wrap bracelets and watches!

So many amazing pieces to choose from…

I wear these watches with everything, you guys.  You can layer with a simple wrap bracelet or wear a multi-wrap or watch alone if you’re more of a minimalist.  The floral faced watch on neutral suede is one of my absolute faves, too.  It’s so feminine and has this vintage feel that I am in looove with!  It’s normally $90 and under $25 right now.

The black leather watch with the white marble face is another go to because it’s a bit more casual and literally goes with everything.

As far as wrap bracelets go, I would have to say my current fave is the sunrise orange on natural leather multi-wrap!  It looks gorgeous worn alone and makes such a statement (especially for you fellow bohemian lovers)!

If you don’t have a Victoria Emerson watch or wrap bracelet, now is the time to stock up.  No better way to break up the summer heat than by shopping the Christmas in July sale with Victoria Emerson.


Happy Shopping!




*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.


Recent home update – My 70’s inspired slice of Texas

Hey guys!  I recently decided it was time to make a few little home updates here in my cozy, retro inspired house.  My family and I live in a small house located in Dallas, Texas.  It was built in the 1950’s and not any bigger than 1,500 sq ft, so it’s fairly inexpensive when it comes to making little changes here and there.  The lack of space can be a challenge but there is something so charming and quaint about a small house that is decorated just the way you like.

I wanted my home to feel like me.  You know what I mean?  Just like your clothing, I feel your home should sort of be a reflection of you and your style.  So naturally, I went for a 70’s inspired, Bohemian vibe.  I really wanted it to feel like you were stepping into one of those San Diego bungalows….and I think you definitely get that feeling now!

A simple way to update your living room?  Change up your throw rug and add some greenery!  I am a minimalist when it comes to decorating, so I try to keep things simple and always tell myself that less is more.  My tufted area rug is from Urban Outfitters and I went with the 5×8 since my coffee table (and living room space in general) is on the smaller side.

My potted faux fern is so gorgeous and just $25…such an affordable piece that makes a huge statement!

As far as my little bedroom goes, I wanted it to look like you’re stepping into bohemian heaven… aka, a jungle.  I added more greenery around my mirror and it added so much!  The greenery is also from Urban Outfitters and is part of a decorative faux vines set for just $14.  My triangle shelf is just $8 and was the perfect little addition to the wall over my bed.

I’m obsessed with these printed tin candles — they smell SO good and are 2 for $20 right now.  My distressed check duvet set is under $70 (I have a queen sized bed) and would look amazing with any decor since it’s such a simple and classic print.

Can’t forget the boys’ bathroom update.  With a small bathroom, the trick is to just change out the shower curtain and bath mat and voila!  New bathroom.  I wanted it to be cute and fun and unique, so I HAD to have this “GET NAKED” bath mat.  It’s $34 and the quality is amazing.  This banana print shower curtain is so fun and under $40!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!



*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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