Holiday inspired pieces that you can wear again

I don’t know about you ladies, but I don’t have that many reasons to get all dolled up these days.  The fact that Rob and I are both self employed – means we don’t get invited to too many company holiday parties these days.  And as far as friend parties….well, one of the kids usually ends up getting sick the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas.  You know how it goes.

That being said, I wanted to round up some holiday inspired outfits that you will be able to incorporate into your every day wardrobe.  Many of these pieces can be worn in a multitude of ways, like these amazing high rise plaid pants I’m wearing in the photo above.  They are under $50 and would be perfect for the office as well as a company holiday party or even date night!  This black bodysuit that I paired with the pants is a new fave of mine and makes such a cool statement!  Best part is that it’s under $35.

Speaking of every day, how amazing is this checkered blazer?!  I love the vintage cut and the fact that you can make it sexy for date night, or pair it with slacks and go more classic for the office.  I just love the colors in this blazer.  I am wearing an xs for reference.

I did want to also include a few “fancier” pieces for those of you who do have company parties this holiday season.  How gorgeous is the strappy velvet jumpsuit that I’ve got on in the first few photos?  It’s under $80 and would be such a pretty outfit for Christmas or New Years.

The same thing goes for this amazing little sparkly dress!  It’s such a fun piece and the cut is super flattering.  This would be the hottest little NYE dress.  It’s under $60 and true to size.  And hey, if you have nowhere to wear it like me, just rock it in bed and pour yoself a glass of sparkling wine.  Ain’t no shame in throwing your own little party as a parent now and then! 😉

Also, who can resist a cute little slip dress? This one is so good and on sale for $29 right now.  You can totally dress this piece up for a night out.

I hope you guys were able to draw some inspo from this post!  It’s always so much fun getting creative around the holidays… I love mixing and matching unique pieces while hopefully inspiring you ladies along the way.


All about the 90’s

Anybody else miss the 90’s as much as I do?  Now that I can (regretfully) say that I’m approaching my mid thirties, I’m experiencing all the nostalgic feels.  So, I wanted to give you guys some ideas on how to style some really cool 90’s inspired pieces this fall and winter!

A couple of things you’ll notice this season (the 3 C’s, if you will): corduroy, cropped sweaters, and camo.  I am all about each of those things right now…and to be totally honest, I never thought I would say that about camo.  Was never really a camo girl until here lately and now I can’t get enough!  These camo pants are authentic military cargo pants and fit TTS!  Under $70 and make such a cool statement.

In case you haven’t noticed, my style lately has been extra casual.  I also love to mix and match casual and dressier pieces.  For example, I will wear a dress or skirt with my Reebok classics or pair a corduroy hoodie with black booties for a casual chic vibe.

What I love about 90’s fashion is that everything seemed a bit more effortless and fun….no rules, just a time where everyone kinda expressed who they were!  90’s grunge is probably my favorite part about this era.

I went ahead and linked a bunch of my favorite 90’s inspired pieces so that you can have some fun with this trend, too!  You’ll also find some dressier, holiday inspired pieces (most things are on major sale). 😉  And remember, there are no rules to this fashion thing!  Have fun with it and wear whatever allows you to express your vibe best.

My job as an influencer is to INSPIRE you guys, not to tell you exactly what to wear (or what not to wear).  Wear whatever makes you feel like the best version of YOU – regardless of what this or that blogger is telling you to buy.  Because individuality is what makes this world interesting.  There are enough carbon copies already to last a lifetime.