2020…. the year of realness

Happy New Year, guys!  Wanted to share a few things with you guys in this post, including these brand new wrap bracelets by Victoria Emerson!  They are so pretty and add THE perfect touch to any outfit.  I’m especially loving the wrap bracelets I’m wearing in each of these photos as they’re right in line with my retro inspired, bohemian style.
I went ahead and linked all of my new favorite wrap bracelets as they are all buy one get one FREE right now!  I especially love the new freshwater pearl collection….I’m wearing one of my new favorites in the photo above with my velvet flares.

On a more personal note regarding the new year, I’ve heard people saying 2020 will be the year of clarity… really hoping there’s some truth to that and it’s not just another play on words.  I mentioned the other day on IG that I want to see more people rocking high rise flares this upcoming year, as they are truly the most flattering cut of jeans (regardless of your shape or size).  But WAY more importantly, I  mentioned that I’d love to see more realness.….

I’m not gonna go on another rant, but it would be incredibly refreshing to see more candidness on social media.  Who’s with me?  I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m a bit burnt out when it comes to seeing perfectly made beds 24/7 and constant smiles on stories and people hiding their “weird.”  Cause we’re all weird, deep down, in our own way.
Brene Brown said it best.

The 2020 plan:  Stay awkward, brave + kind.

Because when we are brave enough to be ourselves, others might just conjure up the courage to be themselves too.

What do you guys want to see more of (or less of) in 2020?


*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.*


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