Chronicles of my non-wash days

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene. All opinions are 100% my own.

We can all relate to the struggle of  non-wash days when it comes to our hair.  To wash…not to wash… can’t figure out anything other than throwing it up in a not-so-cute messy bun.  Wondering why your hair looks a little more “lived in” than it really should.  We’ve all been there.

I’ve played around with my fair share of dry shampoos, and I’ve gotta say I’m incredibly particular when it comes to them.  A lot of dry shampoos seem to make my fine hair feel even dirtier which is just not okay.  Some of them work great but leave too much white powdery residue, making you look even worse than you did with the greasy hair because well you now look eighty.

Can’t we just find a dry shampoo that has it ALL?!  One that doesn’t leave you with a ton of build up but also doesn’t make you age thirty + years??  Well, Pantene just came out with their new Waterless collection and the Never Tell Dry Shampoo spray is perfect for finer hair (like I have).  It instantly refreshes your hair between washes, gives me instant volume, and the best part is there’s no white powdery residue!  It’s made with pro-vitamin B5 and wild mint, so it’s seriously just as refreshing as it sounds.

Make sure that when you spray your hair, you’re holding the can about six or so inches away from your scalp. Always take sections of your hair and then try flipping your head over and spray underneath for extra volume!

Pantene also came out with the Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist.  It gets rid of any flyaways and always leaves my hair nice and shiny!  Spray it on at the ends of your hair right after you use the dry shampoo for a really pretty finish.  The best part is that these products are free of sulfates and parabens.

How do I typically style my hair on no-wash days, you ask?  I’m going to give you my top five go-to hair styles because the messy bun just really isn’t my thing (and also doesn’t work with my new, shorter hair style).

1. Middle part with messy lived in waves

I typically curl my hair on the day that I wash it and then work with my Never Tell dry shampoo spray and Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist over the next several days to maintain the style.  I will start with it parted in the middle and then usually flip it over to the side for a dramatic side part on day two or three!

2. Add a cute headband

 A cute headband, dry shampoo, and dry conditioner mist go a really long way these days.

3. Half up and half down

I have always been a big fan of the half up and half down look.  Sometimes I will add a cute little bow scrunchie for a little extra somethin’ but I just love that it gives me all the 90’s feels!

4. Add a fun initial accessory

I recently discovered the cutest little bobby pins, and it’s the easiest way to extend your hairstyle if you prefer wearing it down most days like me.  Switch up your part, spray in your dry shampoo at the roots and add a fun accessory!  Good to go.

5. Classic low bun

So simple and classic, you just can’t go wrong.  Not to mention REAL easy to achieve.  I just throw all my hair up into a classic low bun and just tuck any loose pieces back into the hair tie.  Then you can add a fun bow scrunchie like this one for the final touch!

Non-wash days don’t have to mean that you give up on your hairstyle.  If anything, make it something fun to play with throughout the week!  I’m telling you, the new Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo Spray and the Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist…game changer.

Ditch the messy bun with me and have great hair days in between your wash days, with the new Pantene Waterless Collection. Pick up the new collection here and join me
to #BanTheBun.

Hope you found this little post helpful! 🙂