The middle name is Lee….don’t wear it out.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lee.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Fun fact: My middle name just so happens to be Lee, something I didn’t really dig too much as a little girl since it was considered the “boy” way to spell it at the time.  As I got older I really learned to appreciate it, because it was spelled differently than the way most people spelled it.  And I learned early on that being unique and “different” is what makes the world go round.  I think that was right around the time I was rocking my very first pair of Lee overalls in ninth grade.  And they looked a little something like this….

Now let me start out by saying, I am MUCH more comfortable in my own skin these days.  Although I am 99.99% certain I had these exact same overalls back in 1999 when I was thirteen years old, my confidence level wasn’t quiiite where it is now.  I was incredibly shy and self conscious…called too thin, flat chested…you know, typical middle school crap.  But I’ll never forget wearing those brand new Lee overalls on my first day of high school…. that’s why I almost died when I saw all of Lee’s new spring arrivals from their Vintage Modern collection!  So up my alley it’s not even funny.  By the way, they could totally pass for the same exact overalls that I wore in 1999 because this collection is all about refreshing Lee’s archives.  How cool is that?!
To say that this collaboration is nostalgic would be a huge understatement.  Honestly it’s a dream come true for me.  My inner thirteen year old “Jeans” was in her GLORY when she found out she got to work with one of her all time favorite denim brands.


And let me just tell you…..the fit of these jeans are better than ever.  The exposed button fly, the perfectly flattering high rise, the rigid, yet super soft feel of the denim…..THIS is what lights a fire in me as crazy as it sounds!  There is just nothing better than finding that perfect pair of jeans.  The ones that just get better over time and fit your butt like nothing else!  All of the jeans in this post…..are those jeans.  I literally cannot express how much I love each of these Lee pieces.

You’re going to be seeing a ton of Union-all’s, overalls, high rise denim (obvi), more exposed button fly’s, and longer shorts for spring.  I am ALL ABOUT IT!  Each of these Lee pieces are totally true to size and the quality is just incredible.  I truly can’t get over how perfect the distressing and wash is on each pair of Lee jeans I tried on from this new collection.

Rob and I took a kid free trip to Austin this past weekend and stayed in the coolest little retro inspired Airbnb.  We had the best time relaxing, sleeping in, and of course I brought all my new Lee denim along on the trip. 😉

Whether you’re into flares, skinnies, straight leg or a classic pair of 90’s inspired overalls…. Lee has you covered this spring/summer.


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