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Hi guys!  Man this past year has been a whirlwind to say the least.  Rob and I decided to take our seven year old, Knox, out of public school a little over eight months ago and it’s been full of ups and downs as you can probably imagine…

There are a lot of really amazing things about homeschooling!  Best part for us?  The freedom and flexibility that comes along with it.  The sky is the limit when you’re the one running the show, which can also become the biggest challenge in this homeschool journey.  Prioritizing what’s actually important and trying to not overwhelm your child (or yourself) is key, but I realize that’s a whole lot easier said than done.

Get outside with your kids.  Focus on one lesson at a time and then make the rest of the day about LIFE.. and I mean really live life.  Explore, ask them questions, make sure that they’re truly happy and enjoying learning at home.  What I have found in all of this is that less really is more.  Quality over quantity, in everything you do.  Ask your kids if they’re happy and then really listen.  After all, you know your kids better than anyone else in this world.

Knox has always had an obsession with construction vehicles.  When he was a toddler he could tell you more about excavators than most adults could, so when I saw that Target had this old school Cat® Toys steel dump truck and excavator, I had to add them to Knox’s collection.

The Cat® Power Haulers Excavator features Motion Drive Technology™ for fun and initiative play and includes realistic sounds and flashing lights.  Best part, it’s available at Target for under $20!

I love that these timeless toys encourage kids to use their imaginations again!  This in turn will break up the screen time which I know all of us parents struggle with more than ever right now.  Memorial Day is also around the corner, so these construction vehicles would be a perfect way to keep the kids occupied while you grill out with your family and friends!

Whether you’re a homeschool parent or not, I hope you found this post helpful!  I highly encourage every parent to get outside with your kids and keep in mind that it’s all about balance.  And always quality over quantity.

Cheers to sunnier days, my friends!

*This article was sponsored and paid for by Cat® Toys.

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